Over the past 40 years, Yvonne & Rich Dutra-St. John have worked as transformational leaders, developing and teaching the tools we didn’t get in school, but desperately need-ed. With the creation of Challenge Day and the Be the Change Movement, their tools have spread across the world and helped millions of youth and adults. Now they are ready to share them with you.


We believe you master the art of BE-ing YOU when you have the courage to look into your ‘toolbox for life’, consciously take out the tools that no longer serve you, and replace them with more powerful and effective tools. In this book, we will share a lifetime of inspiring stories and lessons, challenge you to apply our Formula for Change, and encourage you to put our life-altering tools in your toolbox by creating and committing to your personal ‘Be the Change routine’. In doing so, we are certain, you’ll develop new, life-changing habits that help you master the art of BE-ing YOU!



• Increase love and connection

• Unlearn self-limiting beliefs

• Heal past hurts and traumas

• Safely release built-up emotions

• Practice an attitude of gratitude

• Create an inspired and empowered life of service and contribution

• Live your life 100% fully alive and expressed!

The Art of Be-ing You